Moondrop - Magnetic Gravity

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Just like us if you are a fidgeter you always love to hold something in your hand and of course- spin it, roll it, slide it, click it and fidget around in any way possible.

Introducing the Gravity Drop: 

You can compare the Gravity between all three- Earth, Mars and Moon with this great Fidgeting toy.

The ''anti-gravity'' slider makes it very satisfying to play with Gravity Drop. We found fidgeting a great way to keep focus, not get distracted from meaningful works, relieve anxiety or just relax. 

Gravity Drop is a pretty cool way to learn about amazing physics laws and science facts in our Universe and share them with others. It is much more exciting to actually see and feel the process instead of only hearing theory and numbers. People are amazed by the gravity defying movements and they get even more interested after hearing the idea behind Gravity Drop.

Presented in a sleek tin gift box, also includes a minimalist desktop stand.