Fidget Spinner - Brass

Introducing the most premium in Fidget toys. The Fidget Spinner in brass is designed to relieve stress and anxiety. Helps you stay focused! This is a great toy for fidgeters. Flick and spin with just one or both hands. It is perfect for both adults and kids who love fidgeting.

Fidget Spinner – Naval Brass

The Body is beautifully tumbled Naval Brass with premium quality ceramic bearings.

Carbide balls are positioned along the spinner handles.

3" long, perfect size for potability and ease of use.

Presented is a sleek modern tin gift box.

To use: Hold the spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin the spinner by applying force. Alternatively, place the spinner on a desk and again apply force to one side to begin spinning. Typically a beginner can achieve spins over a minute but with practice Spinner can go on go for well over 2 minutes with a single strike.

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