Bluetooth Speaker LED Fidget Spinner

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The Fidget Spinner is designed to relieve stress and anxiety. Helps you stay focused! This is a great toy for fidgeters. Flick and spin with just one or both hands. It is perfect for both adults and kids who love fidgeting.

Fidget Spinner – High quality bearing

LED Lights built in to the Fidget Spinner - Rechargeable

Bluetooth Speaker built into the Fidget Spinner - Rechargeable

The Body is optimized for high performance. Enjoy extremely fast and long spin times.

Long spin times aid fidgeting hands, helps ADD & ADHD sufferers and relieves stress and anxiety.

Light weight and portable.

USB charging cable not supplied.

To use: Hold the spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin the spinner by applying force. Alternatively, place the spinner on a desk and again apply force to one side to begin spinning. Typically a beginner can achieve spins over a minute but with practice Spinner can go on go for over 2 minutes with a single strike.