Blok Rainbow Metal Fidget Spinner

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The Blok Rainbow Metal Fidget Spinner is small and unique, this can be kept discrete and be used regularly, fits perfectly into the pocket. Fun to use and play. Aids in focusing in class, work, or even for general use at home.
  • It takes time spinning and breaking-in to achieve longer spinner times. The more you spin the toy, the longer it will last.

When a person suffers from ADHD or anxiety they constantly feel the need to be moving of doing something. This can lead to poor concentration and is often treated with medication such as Adderall. ADHD medications have many unwanted side effects and are not always the best route.

Fidget spinners allow adults suffering from ADHD to focus their extra energy into the toy. This can help with concentration, relaxation, and other powerful benefits.

Fidget Spinners are also known to help with mild to moderate anxiety and stress. Research shows that physical activity, even a little foot-tapping, gum chewing or in our case fidget spinning, increases levels of neurotransmitters in the brain that control focus and attention. A subtle fidget may help block out distractions, fight boredom, and increase productivity.