Fidget Cube - Camo Edition

The Original re-styled.

Now choose from 5 superb Camo editions. Available for a limited time only.

Fidget Cube

Available in 10 seriously cool colours. Match your style.

Fidget in style


My 11 year old son with Autism loves his fidget cube. His friend recommended the cube which has been a real great help for him. Thanks for the quick service and the cube is lovely


As someone with adult ADHD, this is an absolute godsend! I work 50 hours a week sitting at a desk, and instead of shaking my leg and twirling my hair, I am now playing with the cube while staying super productive. The cube is very well made and sturdy

Emma H

Fun & very handy fidget gadget. It's well made & actually helps to relive stress. Many thanks x


Wow! My kids are into the fidget spinners but have recently pestered me into getting them these cube things. However, they are really great and like me if you are trying to give up smoking then these gadgets are great!


What a god send! Now I can actualy focus and get my work done


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